Spring Has Sprung…or Almost

Trench: c/o Thacker NYC; Blouse: c/o Thacker NYC; Faux Leather Pants: Clearance Loft (similar); Shoes: c/o SAS; Watch: c/o Daniel Wellington (use the code MOMMYINFLATS for 15% off your order)

I’m hesitant to say Spring is here when a snowflake keeps popping up on my Weather report for the week, but I’m hopeful. Especially when it comes to fashion. I have so many cute Spring dresses and breezy tanks that I’m dying to wear and don’t even get me started on peep toes and sandals. Then again, in a few weeks I’ll be complaining about 80 degree weather and the blinding sun ruining my mid afternoon photo shoot plans (golden hour shmour- when you have 4 kids, that whole trying to get out to take pictures in exactly that 10 second span of time when the lighting is just magical- ain’t happening).

For now, I may not be enjoying the flowers popping up outside quite yet but this floral tank c/o Thacker NYC is making me forget my sun covered woes. There are brighter times ahead, when I don’t have to cover them with layers. Until then, I’m loving this trench.

Confession time: I’ve never owned a trench! What? Really, I haven’t. And, I call myself a fashion blogger. But, this rain coat care of Thacker NYC is making up for that gaping hole in my wardrobe. Much like the suede biker from earlier this year, I’m feeling like this is going to be a piece to live in. At first, I wasn’t sure about the shorter sleeves but come to find they’re just the right length to keep me warm without getting in the way (you know that awkward feeling when your sleeves ride up or down- These don’t do that). Plus, that little bow detail? Perfection. I also like the bib collar and the large buttons. The length just hides a long cardi as I am in these pictures (see you probably didn’t even know) and you could layer it perfectly with longer sleeves. Spoiler, you’re going to be seeing this jacket a lot in the next couple weeks.

Before I sign off, I want to point out that Mother’s Day is coming and that watch (use code MOMMYINFLATS for 15% off your entire order at Daniel Wellington) is a must for every mom. I love that the metallic band gives it a more jewelry like feel. I chose a petite face since I already have a watch with a larger one. Confession time times two: I often use my phone to check the time but with an accessory like this I have another excuse to unplug.

How are you all fairing during the last dregs of winter? As ready as I am for everything bright and cheery? Here comes the sun…and I say it’s all right.

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