Shades of Grey: It’s all About the Shoes

Okay I know what you’re thinking, that’s not grey (though apparently that’s what you’ve been thinking all along, this time, the dress is not grey no matter how you take the picture). In fact, that’s decidedly not grey. You’re right. It’s green (though it does come in shades of grey to be fair- well it did but now it’s sold out, scroll down to see my favorite picks in similar styles and colors). 

But, since we focused on these shoes (buy them before they’re gone- scroll down for links) so much for my grey series, I decided to give you an up close and personal look. Also, I want to note that this isn’t the last time you’ll see this dress, I just haven’t found the perfect leather jacket (that this piece is dying for) and I couldn’t wait to wear it. 

This post, however, is all about the shoes. You know how sometimes you look at something and you think, that’s so not me. Or you write something off at first glance. Come on, we all do that. Whether it’s about something as trivial as clothes or as important as people. We all have those snap judgements. It’s what we do after that matters. 

That’s how I felt the first time I looked at these shoes. They were a little risqué for my conservative tastes. Maybe just not quite me. I mean they’re laced up peep toes. I’ve always been more of a closed toed ballet flat kind of girl. But, when my husband pointed them out to me again (yes, we look at shoes together- which is probably why we fell in love- he doesn’t like sports and loves clothes shopping almost as much as I do or maybe because I do? That’s a thought for another day), I gave them a second look. They grew on me. Kind of like people. Sometimes, you meet them and you don’t click right away. Sometimes you have to give them a few views before you can see their beauty. 

I’m glad I gave these shoes a second glance. Is there anyone in your life you may need to look at from all the angles? You may still end up with a return, but you won’t be sorry you tried.  

Dress: c/o Gozon (sold out)- similar cold shoulder – similar ombre (Right now, get 20% off sitewide with the code: MOMMYINFLATS)

Shoes: Rockport (Rockport has a great sale going on right now, $20 off your $100 purchase, check it out, there are several similar styles in the Cobb Hill collection!)

Sunnies: Ray-Ban

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