Kimono Dress Cover Up: c/o Encircled; Swimsuit: c/o Lime Rickicrop top, high waisted bottoms, Sunglasses: c/o Shady Rays; Wedges: old, Dansko

Nothing says summer like lazy days by the pool. Unless you’re a mom. Then pool trips mean slathering on sunscreen, searching for tiny matching (or let’s be honest, not matching) bathing suit pieces, making sure children don’t jump in the pool unattended, and repeat.

There’s no lounging by the pool here. Just happy giggles, tiny kicks, and mom suits that keep it all in while I’m keeping it together.This mom gig is pretty sweet and wonderful and exhausting. Poolside memories are some of my childhood favorites and I hope they are for my kiddos too. I never want body image or suit options to limit my ability to enjoy the sun mom style. I’ve pretty much found the ultimate feel good suits and it’s making it easier to join the kids in all their summer fun.

Suit: c/o Lime Ricki; Shorts: old, loft; Sunnies: c/o Shady Rays

Lime Ricki has moms covered quite literally. I love that their swim suit line is mix and matchable. Between the company’s unique story (sister owned and women run) and their wide selection of flattering suits, they’re a (mix and) match made in heaven (or at least by the beach). I think this particular crop top runs a little on the small side of normal but I love the tie detail and it fits me comfortably (at a 34 B I’m not carrying a lot on top though). The bottoms are a perfect fit in my normal size and I love the high rise. They also have a cute ruched pair that would be perfect if you’re not worried about covering up the belly button- a note of warning to all the young girls who are thinking of button piercings- it’s not so cute after you’ve stretched it out having a baby or four- just saying. I also really love these striped bottoms and this lemon design. Obvi, the one I chose is my favorite because of the pretty pattern and the crop/tie back look but there are so many beautiful options, it was really hard to choose.

Above, I threw on a beautiful multifunctional (just wait until you see the other ways you can style this piece) Encircled kimono dress as a coverup and some mini heel wedges. This is my obligatory blogger shoot. I did my hair, and my makeup (but somehow forgot to shave- you can’t have it all) and took advantage of a few kid free hours to get some glam shots. But, just so you know- these are fun to take but so not real life.

Real life is a couple kids hanging on me (or just out of frame), a mom bun, no makeup (except maybe a red lip that I throw on just for the pic), and coffee- always coffee. This suit made it through swim lessons and baby splashes and will no doubt see many more days by the pool. But, none of them will be lazy because with four littles, I don’t want to miss a minute.


    1. Awww thank you! I swear it’s just a diet change and strategic clothing placement ❤️

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