Making Trax this Holiday Season

My children range in age from nine down to one, so finding something that interests them all can be quite the challenge. My goal for Christmas 2017 was to find something that everyone could do together *and* that got us out of the house. We already have a pretty fun backyard with playground equipment and sandboxes. What we don’t have is a lot of convenient space for outdoor play with bikes and scooters. Solution? Ride on toys. (In other news, I didn’t really want to ever be able to park my car in the garage but for the first time I could. Added bonus of this years’ present for me: the husband was so excited about cars for the kids he cleaned the whole thing out!)

We decided, this year, Christmas would come early so they could enjoy their big gifts right away. Next, came choosing. My boys are obsessed with tractors so the Kid Trax CAT Bulldozer was a no brainer. The girls were a little tougher but as soon as I found out the Kid Trax Land Rover had a working radio (it plays FM and has an iPod dock), I knew it would be a hit for my music loving girls.

Onto our mini Christmas: we made a big deal out of it just like normal Christmas- we just celebrated two months early. Christmas festivities, movies, and music. We even went to afternoon mass just like we do on Christmas Eve every year. The excitement mounted as we decorated a mini Step2 Christmas tree and got dressed up in Christmas jammies. The kids were properly hyper and refused to sleep. It was a perfect replica of our holiday celebrations. The best part was they only had one toy to focus on.

I don’t know about your kids but, here, Christmas is pretty overwhelming- too much stuff. I’m sure that will be the case this year too (we have some great toys stocked up- stay tuned for our post coming soon on the best toys for kids) but it certainly wasn’t for our mini Christmas. Also, it wasn’t chaotic or rushed. They got to enjoy the anticipation, unveiling, and playing with their new gifts. They didn’t have to race off anywhere other than up the street on their new rides. Speaking of which, let’s take a closer look.

The Land Rover. It features a 12 volt battery, room for two, working stereo, and two speeds, 2.5 and 5 miles per hour as well as a reverse speed of 2.5 mph. My favorite thing about this one is the traction. It can go from grass to sidewalk to street with no problem. It easily handles bumpy terrain and hills. My six year old little girl’s favorite thing about the truck? Hands down the tunes. She didn’t even want to find the communal iPod to listen to her own music (though I’m excited about that feature). Instead, she just turned up the FM radio already programmed to a local station and cruised like an adult. I have to admit here that I’m really afraid for ten years from now after watching her drive. She only ran into my van, the curb, her brother’s ride on, her sister’s ride on (to see a ride on option for older children, stay tuned), and my husband. She was unphased. I’m worried for my wallet (insurance premiums and the therapy to go with riding in the car with her, though her little brothers didn’t seem to mind the bumpy ride).

The CAT Bulldozer. This one is definitely the show stopper and everyone from the littlest to the biggest wanted to give it a go. With its working front loader and realistic steering (according to my husband at least since I’ve never driven a tractor- city girl all the way here but I’m working on it), the CAT offers hours of fun for everyone. At a 55 pound weight capacity even my biggest girl could enjoy it (she’s petite so she’s just barely pushing the limit). This one has a tamer 2.5 mph ride that’s good for the littler ones. The steering is a little tricky but great for the hand eye coordination (you have to push forward on one lever and pull back on another to turn- for those like me who had no idea tractors don’t have steering wheels). Though it’s taking a little practice, the three year old is getting the hang of it, the older girls are already pros, and the littlest one just wants to sit and pretend to be in the driver’s seat for once.

Note: After a week of play with this one, I think I would recommend it for a slightly older age range- maybe 5+. I love the design and the realistic steering is a fun idea but it’s hard for the littler ones. That said, they also have a 6 volt CAT design available that comes with a steering wheel. For now, my six year old is loving this and the boys will grow into it faster than I would like. 

Christmas 2017 bring everyone together: goal complete. We even made it for a family “walk” er ride, all around the neighborhood with not one complaint about tired legs or request to return home. The kids are already plotting to drag us out again tomorrow. I see high mileage on these two vehicles in our future. Thanks Kid Trax for making our Christmas wishes come true!

Note about assembly
: These toys are always a bit of work to assemble. That said, they came with most of the parts ready to snap together. One thing that is not normal for rideons, they came with the stickers already attached. Do you know how exciting that was for me (because with huge decals inevitably comes a crooked placement or massive bubbles)?! Though it took several hours for one person to put both cars together (at a leisurely pace while fielding calls for work), the mechanic (aka the husband) said the ride ons had very well thought out designs. Final word: plan in advance to allow for assembly time but don’t worry about missing parts or confusing instructions.

We are proud to be official Ambassadors for the Kid Trax Brand. They sent us both toys to test and photograph throughout the year. We already know that we will be making Trax in style with these rides. Though we were sent these items for review, all opinions are our own. We never guarantee a good review, thoughts and opinions are always honest and without bias. We are really excited for this new adventure and will keep you posted on how they wear as we put on the miles. 

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