This post is sponsored by Rockport Shoes and their Joy is…holiday campaign. CLICK HERE to be entered to win a $200, $300, or $500 shopping spree for you and one to gift to a friend! Ten lucky runners up will win a pair of Rockports of their choice. Now, that may not be the meaning of Christmas but I know a new pair of shoes (or 2 or 3) definitely spreads a little JOY in my house.

One of my favorite holiday movies ever happens to be “Love Actually.” The mix of humor and real life, fulfillment and wistful dreaming broken up by cold, hard reality gets me every time. The lonely rockstar, the unrequited lover, the mourning widower mixed in with the cross class love story, the childhood sweethearts, and the hilarious body doubles. The stories meld together weaving a real life fairytale that doesn’t always have a happy ending. But, the point is even in the poignant moments of life, joy is all around. 

Joy is the never ending exuberance of a three year old little boy who richocets from room to room like a bright burning rocketship. Joy is heartbroken days ending in the arms of loved ones. Joy is trying to finish a sentence over coffee with a friend amidst four little voices vying to be heard. Joy is cuddling up with hot tea and your mom’s honey to soothe a winter cold. Joy is a short fight ending in a long kiss and a few “I’m sorrys.” Joy is a comfy pair of shoes dashing after runaway children. Joy is waking up at 6 am to little faces and wet kisses. Like love, joy is a choice. It is not just about happiness. Happiness, after all, is not guaranteed us in this life. Embracing love brings joy to those bittersweet moments we are sure to encounter. Joy is about choosing to see the sunshine through the storm. 


Joy is all around us. It’s in puppy dog kisses, our baby’s first laugh, our spouse’s warm hand. It’s in the toddler’s sheepish grin when he knocks over a full cup of juice. It’s in the toys covering the floor during a particularly successful play date. It’s in small feet clunking around the house in mommy’s heels. It’s in the dishes piled in the sink after a family dinner.

This Christmas, remember, joy isn’t in the brightly colored packages. It isn’t wrapped up with bows. Joy is all around you everyday if you just look to see it. And, most importantly, joy comes from within. 

Black Velvet Loafers: c/o Rockport

Brown Leather Chukka: c/o Rockport

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Joy comes from within. Sometimes, it’s within a box from Rockport with a pair of shoes so comfortable you feel like you’re walking on air. Thank you Rockport for inspiring this post and challenging me to find Joy in every moment this Holiday season. I hope you find Joy this Christmas, you don’t have to look further than your loved ones and a comfy pair of shoes.


  1. This post brough tears to my eyes….so very true! Joy is found in the little things. And those shoes are seriously beautiful!

  2. You and your family have the perfect words, photos, and style to just remind anyone how fast we can lose the point of Christmas. Joy. Thank you for reminding me that even when I need to buy all the things- the reason I’m doing it is to bring Joy.

  3. Oh my gosh these are my favorite pictures from your blog to date! Also, I’d love to win a shopping spree on some good shoes! I never win so here’s hoping I’m the season of Joy! (Which is also my middle name ?)

  4. There isn’t a day that goes by that my wife’s words (and beauty) don’t amaze and inspire me. She is the incarnation of Joy in our family during every season!

  5. You and your hubby are freaking adorable! What lovely photos! And I totally agree – joy is all around us. All we have to do is look and there it is, eager and waiting. I think it’s so important to know that, even on the hardest of days, there are still wonderful things everywhere just waiting for our attention. Thanks for sharing gorgeous!

  6. I completely agree with you. Joy is all around us and for me sometimes there is a little bow on it..only because my daughter happens to love to wear them. 😀 Thank you for this piece it truly is lovely!

  7. How encouraging. Joy is all around us – if we just take the time to look for it! You are so right ! I love all these photos! The mistletoe is so sweet and your little one in Daddy’s shoes…be still my heart! I hope y’all have a great weekend!!

  8. This is such a wonderful post. I loved the way you have showcased the shoes making the family a part of this. Loved the loafers and Chukka a lot. The icing on the top was your kiddo wearing the papa shoes. 🙂 Last but not least I agree Joy is all around and especially in small things of our lives.

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