Day 1 of #ProjectFashion365: Blouse: Bailey Rose & Co (use code “MommyinFlats” for 20% off your order); Velvet Leggings: No Boundaries (in store from Walmart- no joke); Wedges: Rockport; Coat: BetaBrand

Oh you thought I was going to tell you? I’m still trying to figure it out to be honest. But, I’m going to try to find my own style, one day at a time. My first goal this year is to share my outfits, the good, the bad, and the leggings (not sure if that’s the good or the bad but gosh do I love them!).  

Long story short- I’m going to post my outfit everyday. Whether it’s dressed up (does jeans and a tee count?) or just loungewear. You can follow my progress on Instagram and hopefully some updates on here (unless I bomb out on day five, which is a distinct possibility). 

I’m also going to try to make it a year with only supplementing my wardrobe here and there with essentials. Otherwise, I’m depending on the blog to dress me. Wish me luck! (Oh and shoes totally don’t count…what I have a credit at Zappos;).

What are your fashion goals? Do you capsule? (I’m hoping to do more of this a la 5×5 and maybe a little more.) Wear your outifits one and done or somewhere in the middle? I’m not sure how this ProjectFashion365 thing is going to go or for how long, but I’m digging in my closet and hoping I can pull off a little bit of style this year and a whole lot of comfy! 


  1. Oh this sounds like fun! I’m sure you could pull this off on a daily basis. I have faith in you. I like the red and black flannel. That flare on the bottom is super cute!

  2. I always wish I put more effort into my wardrobe… but I’ll be honest I’ve never thought about setting a goal! Maybe that will help(: Good luck and I’ll be using your beautiful Instagram as inspiration! Thanks for sharing!

    1. So funny you say that! I live in the smallest town ever. But, when you start looking at things through a lens you can find so many spots that are interesting (when on the whole they don’t look all that picturesque).

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