How to Never Lose Your Kid on the Playground with ikiki

Spider Shoes: c/o ikiki

Narwhal Shoes: c/o ikiki

It was a beautiful fall day. The sun was shining, the birds chirping, the toddlers playing happily on the playground whilst a baby swam in my tummy. Okay, so I was feeling a little more or less green that day- thanks morning sickness. Suddenly, a mom was yelling “uh oh, whose kid is that.” I looked around, luckily my little angels were playing perfectly right where I’d last seen them. Or, one of them was anyway. Oops. Luckily another mom, headed off the two year old long before the parking lot and I collected her a little sheepishly. That’ll teach me to go to the playground when growing a human being (at least maybe not in the first 12 weeks or so?).

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If I’d known about tracker er I mean squeaker shoes back then, I would have saved myself a bit of embarrassment. My favorite thing about ikiki squeaky shoes is that you can turn the squeakers off with a switch which is very convenient. On for the playground, off for Church. On for hiking in the woods, off for the grocery store (though this one is debatable if you have a wanderer- of course I don’t but ya know for other people- le sigh).

My little boys love the squeaks and they love the designs. My 18 month old is obsessed with Narwhals and the Narwhal song (if you haven’t heard of it, check it out- you’re welcome;). My almost four year old (tomorrow- I’m not ready!!) is terrified of spiders so naturally that’s what he picked for his shoes and now I can’t get them off his cute little feet.

Now, when we’re at the playground (the play area in the video is the very same one where the incident above occurred), I can hear little squeaks even when I can’t see little feet. In my opinion all playground equipment should be see through. But, until then, I’ve got ikiki with the squeakers turned on.

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