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Now that you know how to take Ugly Location photos, let’s talk about why they’re some of my favorite to shoot. First of all, as a fashion blogger (can I even call myself that? Maybe, mommy fashion blogger. Or really shoe obsessed mommy who blogs), the winter months are hard. Do you freeze or feature coats in all your outfits? I mean, then it just becomes a parade of coats hiding your real outfit. And, I have a lot of coats but even I do not have enough to make every outfit interesting (though I do have enough shoes- thanks in a large part to Jambu– I’m a fan, but I digress). So, indoor photos are where it’s at. I don’t have a great space to take pictures in my house. I like to fill my walls. That’s cozy for me but not so great as a fashion backdrop.

Finding a space to take photos indoors makes my pictures a little more interesting in the winter. This is especially easy at Christmas when everywhere looks festive with a little creative posing and editing. When I saw Lowe’s sweet setup this year (it looks like a little tree stand), I knew I had to take photos there. We did the kid’s pictures first but I knew it was the place to shoot my Christmas dressy look too. I will say fashion pictures can be hard no matter where you shoot them. For example, the lighting cast a shadow on my shins which makes the color a little off. This is partly the uneven lighting in Lowe’s and partly the skirt (I’m 5’4″ and one day I will learn I cannot buy typical pencil skirts because they hit my petite frame just wrong). But, life is not perfect no matter how much I prefer it to be and so I’ll take the experience and use what we learned for next time!

Top and skirt: Target; Shoes: c/o Jambu – sold out, more styles from Jambu here (use my code MOMMY18 for 15% off your order and don’t forget to ENTER the GIVEAWAY)

I showed you this outfit in my last post…outdoors and covered with my favorite dress coat (I bought it two years ago from Betabrand and it’s the softest pea coat I’ve ever owned and bonus it’s not wool which makes me break out in hives). I also featured these shoes care of Jambu (enter the giveaway here). Add a little protection from the wind, a pretty backdrop, fluorescent lights, and this is what you get. To be completely candid, I feel like the kids pictures were more flattering in this particular space but I mean, kids are cuter so there’s that 😉

Want to know how to dress head to toe black but still make it festive? Go here. Otherwise just enjoy these before and afters to see what you can do with an ugly location, a little imagination, and a whole lot of editing.

The Setting:

Lowe’s Home Improvement

The before and afters:

Straight out of camera:

Final Edit:

Straight out of camera:

Final Edit:

Straight out of camera:

Final Edit:

A big thank you to Jambu for these Samantha comfortable booties for women. And, if you haven’t figured it out, we’re giving away one pair of shoes to kick off the Christmas Season: EASY ENTER GIVEAWAY HERE.


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