October is full of goblins, gools, witches, and monsters. At least at my house, because I’ve got four of them. Just kidding, my children are perfect little angels, just check out my Instagram. But, for real, the month of Halloween is filled with things that go bump in the night. Here are some tools to keep your little dreamers safe from the monsters under their beds and they all came in this month’s Growing Roots family subscription box (read more about the box and its founder HERE). 

1. Wishing Pillow (My Treasured Tree House). The purpose of a wishing or worry pillow is to ward off anxieties. Children can tell their thoughts to the pillow (or write them and place them in the little pocket on the back). The idea is by saying the worries out loud, they are less scary and more conquerable. My six year old immediately jumped at this one and has been sleeping with her soft moon ever since. She even wants to drag it everywhere she goes (I told her I needed to take a picture first). I wish I had these when my first was little. She has sensory overload and I think this would be invaluable for a child to hold onto when her emotions get too big.

2. Super Hero Cape (Growing Roots). A cape may just be a scrub of fabric but the transformation it produces when placed on the back of a child is amazing. Mine go from quiet and meek (ha to the ha), to energetically zooming from room to room screaming “to infinity and beyond.” This one may be best used outdoors.

3. Monster Spray (Growing Roots). I mixed up some distilled water and essential oils and let the kids run around my house leaving a trail of citrus in their wake. Win win because certain EOs are great for getting rid of those teeny tiny microscopic monsters: bugs and bacteria. 

4. Chocolate. Okay this one may not make the monsters go away but it makes my mommy days so much more bearable and these chocolate batons make for a good stirrer in coffee or hot cocoa. 

5. Charcoal Mask (Green Envy Cosmetics). This one is all for mama and it’s all about getting rid of those monsters on your face aka clogged pores. 

October may be a spooky month but it just got a little less scary thanks to Growing Roots

Family Subscription Box: c/o Growing Roots (use code mommyinflats for 10% off your subscription)


  1. Love the wishing pillow! I have never heard of that before. The cape is awesome too. We have a super alijah in our house. His preschool teacher has given up hope of ever seeing him not in a cape LOL

  2. Ok, that pillow is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. Same with the monster spray. And I love that they included a little primping for mama! Can’t wait to check this box out more as my boys get older!

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