Gratitude. It’s not a particularly big or long word but carries so much meaning. Gratitude is not just about saying thank you and appreciating things you receive or writing thank you notes. Yes, being grateful includes all these things and you cannot emanate gratitude without them. However, it’s so much more. Gratitude is about being content. Happy with what you have in life or at least striving to be. Gratitude is about sharing what you have been given not just saying thank you for it. Gratitude is about embracing a positive attitude about life every day. 

This month, Growing Roots Box made me think. Of course, thankfulness is an easy theme for November but this box is not just about being thankful. It is about sharing with others, whether it be as simple as writing down what you’re thankful for or as difficult as finding someone in need to share your wealth with. My favorite part of the box was probably the sharing plate. You’re supposed to fill it up with something to give to another and in turn, the person you give it to, is to fill it up and pass it on. The plate has no home, it just visits. I can’t wait to fill it up and pass it along. Bonus, it’s a really cute plate and would go in my cupboard quite nicely (I mean it’s not going to but it could;). 

My other favorite piece is the book. Not just because it happens to be one of the best kid’s books ever (Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus), but because the purpose of this book is to give. Growing Roots gives a children’s book away with every box they send. This month, they’re letting us pay it forward. Together, me and my children are going to find someone in need to be the recipient of our book. 

Thank you, Growing Roots, for bringing a little bit more gratitude into our lives and a box full of happiness each month. 

Family Subscription Box: c/o Growing Roots

Use code “mommyinflats” for 10% off your subscription. 


  1. I absolutely LOVE the idea of the sharing plate!! That is soooo cool! The thought of just passing it on over and over and over is so awesome. You just never know where it could end up!

  2. Beautiful box! I love that bracelet! I really like the concept behind the plate too! So much better than just adding a plate to the box.

  3. What an amazing way to celebrate and teach our kids about thanksgiving!! Please update us with your plans or ideas for your plate!!

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