Have you noticed this yet? I have quite a few kids running amok (er I mean carefully tended) at my house. Four to be exact. But, did you know I also have a work at home husband, homeschool, and am starting a non-profit charity (more on that when my paperwork goes through- so exciting)? That’s a lot going on in one house. Consequently, our home needs to be comfy, cozy, and easy to live in. That’s why I look for products that help us achieve that goal. 

We’ve been looking for a rug for the office for a while. You see the office doesn’t just serve as a workspace. It’s home to my revolving blogging wardrobe (including my shoes!!!); it’s where the husband and I sit to have our morning coffee; and often, it’s the backdrop to scenes from princess stories and tales of dragons and PJ Masks (if you don’t know the last one- consider yourself lucky). When we found this super plush rug from Loren Canal, I knew we had to put it in the office. I couldn’t wait for my feet to sink into the plush carpet but better yet I knew it would see hours of kids rolling around on it. And, it already has. Best part of all? It’s completely machine washable. In, out done. Having dust mite allergies, this was a complete selling point for me. 

Now, when I walk into my work room, instead of feeling the pressures of a busy mom blogger life, I feel just a little more relaxed. I’m ready to play with those little bundles of sugar & spice and puppy dog tails and now I’ll even sit on the floor to do it!

Rug: c/o Lorena Canals (Because these rugs are flexible and easy to roll up to go in the washer, they also tend to slide around on hard floors. I recommend going with a non-slip mat to keep it in place- the washable aspect is totally worth the added step!). 


  1. So happy your found a rug 🙂 And it sounds awesome! I love sinking my feet into a good plush rug. And being comfortable down on the floor with our little ones is important 🙂

  2. You most definitely have a “lot going on” LOL I got tired myself after reading “four kids”. Having a machine washable rug – that’s attractive and comfortable as well is not a luxury in my house – it’s a necessity!

  3. Machine washable! That’s amazing. I have dust allergies and my husband has asthma, so we avoid rugs… but I’ve wanted one. I’ll have to look into something like this ?. Thanks for sharing! I’m glad it’s getting lots of love from the famjam.

    1. It for sure is! Everyone’s favorite place to sit. Putting in the office may have been an error in calculation ?

  4. You seem to have a lovely family. I do believe one can be more productive in a comfortable space. Glad you got a rug to add to your office and that is machine washable ! All the best with your charity.

  5. You go, mama! Loved reading this post, and omg you are so busy and that is amazing! Four kids! You definitely need a cozy yet machine washable rug! Love this rug and its space! 🙂

  6. We just purchased a house and I’m excited to purchase a new rug! I had wood floors throughout my living area and with two littles, I want a comfy play area

  7. Having washable items is a must around here! My poor carpet is destroyed. Someday, I will replace it with laminate or hardwood and then maybe I will look into one of these gorgeous rugs! What a great product. ❤

  8. This rug is so amazing! There’s nothing like a comfy and easy to clean rug. We spend a lot of time in our living room so this would be perfect for us!

  9. I have a Lorena Canals rug!! I love it so much. It’s mint with white geo pattern. It’s so soft and great for my son.

  10. That’s amazing that you do all that! My husband works from home too, and I’m a stay at home mom with a toddler, pregnant with my second. That rug looks like a cozy place to get stuff done!

    1. Isn’t it hard and wonderful to have a wah spouse all at the same time? The rug is perfect for play and work!

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