Finding Beauty in Unexpected Places

The other day I read an article about a photographer who took her model to Lowe’s and the results were amazing. Were they the most spectacular photos ever? No, probably not. What they were was impressive considering what the duo had to work with. I looked at it and thought, huh that’s a fun project. My photographer agreed (I mean he usually does unless he wants to sleep on the couch;) and here we are. 

Because I didn’t feel like stealing the original photographer’s idea to the T (and I didn’t think the comparison would be flattering on my decidedly not model self), we picked a more familiar location: the Antique Store.  

The Backdrop

The Portrait

The Backdrop:

The Portrait: 

The Backdrop

The Portrait

At this point the babies started protesting and we forewent the backdrop shots- what can you do? But, I think you get it- the background is definitely full, cluttered, not ideal…

Dress: Pink Blush (similar); Boots: Wanted Also see this outfit HERE

Have you ever been in an antique store? It’s not that they’re ugly, it’s just that they’re jam packed with junk, er I mean, treasures. I love searching overcrowded aisles for that one thing I really can’t live without. What I would never think of trying to do in those dusty, stuffy booths??  Taking portraits. Yet, it’s a scene I love and one of my favorite pastimes. When I first decided to do this project, it was the first place I wanted to try. Though these stores are often crowded and cramped, there is calm and beauty and maybe even a little romance. Who might have been the last person to look in that mirror or don the jewelry glittering from glass cases? 

Photography is an interesting thing, it causes you to look at things differently. Often, when looking for a place to shoot, the ones I think will workout the best, don’t. But, if you look closely enough, you might find beauty in the most unexpected place. 

Coming later this week, my fourth look of Christmas…at Wally World (giving the people of Walmart a whole new meaning :). 

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