Fashion Should Feel Good: the Mommy in Flats Story


Thank you San Antonio Shoemakers for sponsoring this post and making my feet just a little more comfy.

Coat: c/o Gozon

Shirt: Bailey Rose & Co

Skirt: Loft clearance

Flats: c/o SAS Shoes

What’s that saying: “beauty is pain?” No, just no. Beauty should never be pain. Fashion should never ever mean pain. I mean, I get it. When I was 15 going to my first high school dance, I knew I could wear the four inch heels- I was just going to kick them off anyway. Now, (we won’t discuss how many) years later, I know better. Shoes are to be worn. They’re to get you from point A to point B. And, they should be pretty (goodness knows I love pretty shoes); what they should never, ever be is pain.

That’s why I always wear shoes with good support and a comfy walk. When I first started this blog, my goal was to get out of the flip flops and, so, “Mommy in Flats” was born. You may or may not have noticed a scar on my knee (it actually doesn’t show much in pictures but if it does I never edit it out- that’s real life). I have a genetic condition that has left me with a life of knee pain and problems that ended in an ER trip and surgery (I’ll spare you the details). Ever since, my rule has been relatively flat, comfy, supportive shoes that fit well. I can’t sacrifice my health for “beauty.” Do I wish I could wear that really cute pair of three inch wedges? Sometimes, but I keep my feet safely no more than two inches from the ground and I never regret that when running after four extremely busy children. So, out of flip flops and into flats I went.

Over the last year, I have found that I have been wearing the wrong shoe size my entire adult life, or my feet shrunk (does that happen?). Finding the right size for my foot has actually helped expand my shoe horizon. I’ve found shoes that I thought pinched because they were too small, may have been rubbing because they were actually too big (or maybe just too cheaply made- if you can buy shoes for under $50 full price, beware). Whatever the reason, I have found the importance of investing money into well constructed shoes. This isn’t just an investment in your closet, it’s a downpayment on your future (no one wants foot pain, ankle or knee problems, or bunions- yuck).

The momiform: Jeans: old; Tee: Hudson Lillian Designs; Shoes: c/o SAS Shoes

As a mom, I don’t always have time to plan out my outfit (hence the capsule wardrobe attempt– I’m still not sure how that really went). The thing I love about ballet flats is that they’re effortless. Throw them on at the last minute and run out the door. All the convenience of flip flops without the frump. The thing I don’t always love about them is that they can be flimsy. A flat without arch support can be almost as bad for your feet as heels, yet that’s how a lot of ballet flats are built. A thin sole, a strap of leather and you have a ballet flat.

That’s why I was excited when SAS, a brand with the slogan “style feels good,” sent me their Scenic flat. Not only is their sole thicker than a normal flat, but the composition of the shoe is solid, structured leather. Yet, the shoe is soft and flexible. Sometimes, even my favorite shoes have needed a few wears before my official seal of comfort. These? I knew as soon as I slid them on my feet that I would be living in them (plus, I’ve been looking for a pair of black ballet flats forever- how I have I survived this long without them?). The other major selling point for me is that SAS shoes are made almost exclusively in the USA (SAS also carries a line made in Italy and has one factory in Mexico). I am trying to shift my focus away from fast fashion (though I do love a good mama run boutique) and buying US made clothing and shoes is one of my goals.

After a year of gliding in and out of flats, dipping my toes in the world of kitten heels and small wedges, here I am back in flats and girl, does it feel good!

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