Fall Trends: How to Style a Sweater Dress Three Ways

The sweater dress is anything but a trend. It’s a classic style that I’ve been sporting for as long as I can remember (heck, I probably wore my first before I was out of diapers). This season, I’m learning to style the same pieces over and over so I can pare down my closet and keep it to what I love. This Aventura dress ticks all the boxes with its classic shape, color, and design. But, what’s more, it makes me happy to be shopping with a purpose and ecofashion in mind (check out this blog to hear more). 

When you purchase a nicer piece for your wardrobe, there are some general questions to keep in mind: Does this fit with my lifestyle? Does this fit with my overall look (aka taste)? Is it a passing trend, and if so, how does it fit into my budget? The purpose is to asertain if it’s a good investment (yes, even people who don’t love clothes are making an investment- because we all have to wear them). Building a wardrobe with neutral colors in comfy, washable fabrics makes it easier to adapt your pieces to multiple situations. Here, I’m showing you a basic sweater dress, in my favorite neutral color, grey. It went from country chic to small town elegant with a few carefully selected accessories. Next time you need a item for a special occasion or everyday, try to visualize how it will work as a part of your overall wardrobe and save yourself a little money by investing in quality pieces that will last.

Classic Fall Style

Jacket: c/o Aventura; Dress: c/o Aventura; Boots: Born

Add a Little Plaid

Dress: c/o Aventura; Plaid Tunic: c/o Aventura; Booties: c/o Hush Puppies 

Layered Sweater

Dress: c/o Aventura; Cardigan: Asterisk Boutique; Shoes: Lucky Brand 

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