The sweater dress is anything but a trend. It’s a classic style that I’ve been sporting for as long as I can remember (heck, I probably wore my first before I was out of diapers). This season, I’m learning to style the same pieces over and over so I can pare down my closet and keep it to what I love. This Aventura dress ticks all the boxes with its classic shape, color, and design. But, what’s more, it makes me happy to be shopping with a purpose and ecofashion in mind (check out this blog to hear more). 

When you purchase a nicer piece for your wardrobe, there are some general questions to keep in mind: Does this fit with my lifestyle? Does this fit with my overall look (aka taste)? Is it a passing trend, and if so, how does it fit into my budget? The purpose is to asertain if it’s a good investment (yes, even people who don’t love clothes are making an investment- because we all have to wear them). Building a wardrobe with neutral colors in comfy, washable fabrics makes it easier to adapt your pieces to multiple situations. Here, I’m showing you a basic sweater dress, in my favorite neutral color, grey. It went from country chic to small town elegant with a few carefully selected accessories. Next time you need a item for a special occasion or everyday, try to visualize how it will work as a part of your overall wardrobe and save yourself a little money by investing in quality pieces that will last.

Classic Fall Style

Jacket: c/o Aventura; Dress: c/o Aventura; Boots: Born

Add a Little Plaid

Dress: c/o Aventura; Plaid Tunic: c/o Aventura; Booties: c/o Hush Puppies 

Layered Sweater

Dress: c/o Aventura; Cardigan: Asterisk Boutique; Shoes: Lucky Brand 


  1. I love versatility! It makes such a difference when you have pieces in your closet that you love and that you can wear multiple ways. My goal is to no longer wake up and state at my closet for 20 minutes wondering what I am going to wear! You nailed that whole concept with one single dress,

  2. Wow, I wouldn’t have realized how versatile this type of dress would be! I especially like the idea for the pop of coloured plaid- very cool 🙂

  3. Love it! I think the “does it fit my lifestyle” is a really great question. Even things that might look great and fit well might not really be a good investment at the time if you aren’t going to be able to practically wear it.

  4. I’ve never quite been able to master a sweater dress, but you have given me a lot of good ideas. I really like the plaid shirt underwear as well as the brown sweater look. Looks great!

  5. I love all of the different styles! There’s nothing like being able to wear something multiple ways! Thanks for the inspiration!

  6. I love this! I have a few sweater dresses that just sit in the closet because I’m not sure how to wear them. I love it paired with the flannel shirt. So cute!

  7. I was going to suggest you wear it with boots when I read the title but then the pic popped up lol. Wide belts will be in too I think the right belt could take that dress to another level.

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