What’s a 5×5 all about? See my first 5×5 challenge here. And, follow ups here and here. With that out of the way, let’s dive right in.

If you thought I was abandoning my minimalist wardrobe goals just because seasons changed, you’re wrong. And, though I am pretty convinced I will never achieve a 30 piece wardrobe, I also love taking a piece and wearing it as many ways as I can think of. That’s why this month’s challenge was so fun. I’ve already worn all of these pieces and styled them very much summer. Now, it’s time to pack up the sandals, pull out the booties, and enjoy the crisp fall weather. Just because open toes are out of season, does not mean your favorite hot weather dresses have to be. Layers. It’s all about the layers. 

Without further fanfare, here are my five pieces: 

1. Svelte Shapewear (gifted) Jeggings

2. Slate Flower Child Maxi c/o Mint Julep

3. Violet Predicted Fab Maxi c/o Mint Julep

4. Barymore Emproidered Dress c/o Bailey Rose & Co

5. Denim Bomber Jacket by Liverpool Jeans

This time, I decided to take it up a notch and choose one bag and pair of shoes for all five looks. I’ve been dying to get my use out of both these items and this seemed like the perfect time. These Rockport booties (gifted) are so comfortable, they took me through an apple orchard and across the entire length of an outdoor walking mall and much more. The only time I’ve had problems with them was when I wore the wrong socks- they kept falling off my feet- the socks not the shoes. Confession, these are really comfy with no socks at all. I wouldn’t do that for an all day affair for fear of ruining the shoes but a quick church trip? Yep. Lastly, I chose this clutch c/o Rebekah Scott Designs because it is like carrying a ray of sunshine on your arm. I love that I can pop it into my larger tote and then grab it when I don’t want to drag around my mom-cessories (read diapers, wipes, and sippy cups). 

So, let’s take a look at how these pieces took me from beach fab to leaf crunching chic with just a few tweaks. 



This 5×5 was more fun than function. Confession time, I didn’t wear these in order and some days I changed from my sweats for just long enough to get some pictures. It wasn’t that the looks weren’t comfortable. Every piece in my closet is that. We just didn’t have much of anywhere to go. That said, these are all looks I could rock wherever whenever. The booties are like walking on air. The bag is a little ray of sunshine hanging from your arm. Every piece is a wardrobe staple (especially that grey dress- to. Die. For.). 

Functionality aside (I mean I could scrub toilets in these dresses, I just don’t want to!), this 5×5 was the most fun yet because I really had to think how I was going to change these dresses up. I just shared these pieces here and here. I didn’t want anyone to be bored because fashion is not supposed to be boring. It’s supposed to excite, inspire, and in some cases it’s downright art (how I feel about my RSD clutch). 

My tips for taking your summer maxis to fall ready. 

The bobby pin trick. Pull up the middle front of the dress and tuck it into the collar. Bobby pinn it in place. Rearrange folds so they drape over the pin. This trick works best with pieces that aren’t super stretchy or heavy. Volume is an added perk and will allow for a wonderful drape. This dress has very wide hips. It was even too wide for this girl which is saying something. Pulling it up added interest and changed up the beachy coverup to a Fall favorite. 

The front tuck. This worked better with the shorter dress as the maxi had a lot of fabric in the front. However, it gave a nice drape with both dresses I used here. Play around and see how much you should tuck and how you should let it fall. 

The tie back. I use this trick a lot. Simply pull up however much fabric you want and tie it off with a hairband. Fluff remaining fabric out. You can do this to make a dress more fitted or shorter. I’ve turned several dresses into shirts this way. 

There you have it: the official guide to taking your summer faves and making them fall essentials. Keep up the minimalist vibe and twist up your wardrobe so you can wear the heck out of those clothes. See ya on the flip side, I’ll be back with another challenge soon. Until then, check out all the fabulous ladies who participated on Instagram and get a little style inspiration to keep you going.


  1. So many outfit pairing options! I am trying to consolidate my closet but I do not think about all this outfit pairing. I will definitely keep these outfit pairing in mind!

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