Not to be repetitive I’m going to skip the part where I go on about how we never have time for date nights- well at least not romantic ones. I waxed on about that here so we can just skip it and get to the point. My husband and I really need to work more on spending quality time together, whether at home or out. Last week, we explored our town and found a new favorite place to eat (crepes for every meal of the day? Yes, please!). This week, I left the husband a little classified note (which I then posted on Instagram of course) and planned our Faith Night In

The theme of this one was the five senses and we had so much fun exploring each one. The booklet that explained our date included scripture and inspiration for each sense. It also encouraged introspection and focus on areas of life we can improve together (like charitable giving of ourselves- time and money). I love that the Faith box is non-denominational but encourages you to explore your own Faith through bible study (which we can all use more of). It also inspired us to pray together, which is something we need to focus on. We pray as a family often (multiple times a day) but rarely take time out to do so just the two of us. It emphasized the fact that we need to expend more effort doing so. 

My favorite part though? The silly activities including blindfolds, taste tests, and trying to identify the scents just from the names of the fragrance (he is much better at it than I was). I even snuck a quick surprise kiss in while we were doing the identify the objects in the bag (we have to play again and dig deeper because we both got them all right). I really liked that this box encouraged conversation and intimacy. The last box we did was a lot of fun but it was more about creating something (which was fun in its own way), this was about growing closer to one another through our Faith. And, what is marriage if not a leap of faith? Thanks, Night In Boxes for nurturing that leap with your dates in a box. 

Faith Night In: c/o Night In Boxes


  1. How creative! I’m in the same boat with no time. We have a one year old at home and it just changes everything! This is a great idea, thanks for sharing.

  2. This is so creative, my husband and I had been working on spending more time with each other too. Although sometimes it’s hard because we have kids, however we try to find away to go out have lunch or dinner date. This is such a great post.

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