Dress: c/o Pink Blush; Boots: c/o Wanted; Jacket: H&M

The Second Look of Christmas: Velvet Crush

I have a confession. I’m crushing hard this season…on velvet. The feel, the look, the 90’s vibe (check out this post to see how I wore it for early fall). When I saw this dress at Pink Blush, I fell in love. And, then I thought but it’s not a neutral and I am a neutral girl- give me blush or grey and I’m sold, bright blue? Hmm. But, they had me at velvet and I’m not sorry they did. 

What to wear with bright blue? Maybe grey or brown but definitely not black. No one wants to be black and blue, right? That’s a fashion faux pas right there! But, I didn’t have grey accessories on hand and there’s something wintery about a black and blue look. With the days getting shorter there is no question that Winter is coming. Game of Throne references aside, this outfit defies normal fashion rules. I guess it’s the rebel in me but I never did like rules much anyway. 

How are you bending the rules this Holiday? Whether it be fashion, social expectations, or materialism, throw caution to the wind and embrace something new. You never know what you might fall in love with.

Stay tuned- we took this look somewhere unexpected. The results may not be going in any fashion magazines but we sure did have fun! 


  1. I am loving velvet this season, too! Unfortunately I have ordered several items that haven’t worked out…but I still have a few more on the way that I’m crossing my fingers for! I think the blue looks great with the black, and I normally don’t like those two colors together!

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