Floral jumpsuit: c/o Gozon (use code MOMMYINFLATS20 for 20% off your entire purchase!); Shoes: c/o Abeo from The Walking Company

JUMP! Anyone else get the 90’s reference (ah for all the boy bands and the horrible rap). It seems fitting for my last installment of suits month with, you guessed it, the jumpsuit. Whether you love them or hate them, the jumpsuit offers a simple, put together piece and as long as you pick the right style, it’s not even that hard to pee in them. Seriously, jumpsuits might be the single easiest way to not dress like a mom while feeling like you are and Gozon is killing it this summer with all the perfect styles from dressed up to down and everything in between.

I went for classic with both styles. The floral is easy peasy and has the added bonus of looking like a dress which means it’s perfect for everything from a casual BBQ to Sunday morning church. You can also add a little more modesty by throwing a tee under it or add a little flirt as a bathing suit cover up. I’m short, so I did tie this up in the back. The one thing I wished is that these spandex/cotton jumpsuits would have adjustable straps- the fabric is too heavy and tends to hang a little too low for comfort (even in the torso area not just the bust) but maybe that’s just a short girl problem. Luckily, tying it is an easy, super convenient remedy and doesn’t take away from the aesthetics.

Grey Jumpsuit: c/o Gozon (use code MOMMYINFLATS20 for 20% off your entire purchase)

The grey short sleeved number is the ultimate classic piece. You could easily wear this for business casual with some amazing heels (I did that here though they’re hiding in the weeds- oops) or mom chic with a cute pair of tennies. This is also a perfect alternative beach coverup since it’s so easy to wear and easy on and off. The possibilities are really endless.

So, how about it, are you ready to jump on the trend? I am pretty sure I’ve used that line before (and I’m positive I used the Kris Kross reference too- what can I say- jumpsuits do make me want to jump….jump).


  1. Oh, my gosh! That first jumpsuit is the CUTEST! I am not a huge fan of the romper/jumpsuit thing, but that is so cute and very flattering on you!

  2. Thank you for getting that lovely 90’s classic stuck in my head 😉 I love how jumpsuits look, on other people. I just havn’t been able to find the right fit for me. I also suffer from short girl problems, which is why I think I’ve been late to jump into this trend. I really like the floral print, so cute on you! <3 Nicole

  3. A. Now I want to go listen to all the songs from my middle school days! We commence to make you
    Jump Jump!!! Oh the memories. Of awkward middle school dances hahaha.

    And B. You always look amazing Jamie! But that floral jumpsuit is just stunning. You look absolutely radiant in it. And I freaking want one! Wow!

    Thank you as always for inspiring my style and making me smile (it rhymes, so you know it’s true!) Sending tons of love your way <3

    1. Bahahaha I looooove your comments- they always make me laugh ❤️ and thank you! I love that floral one- the flow is amazing. 90s classics bring back all the memories. I mean they’re horrible music but oh so good.

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