Maybe it’s just me but I totally need a break from all the political mumbo jumbo floating around social media right now. I mean I have opinions (oh boy do I have opinions) but, even I am sick of talking about it, thinking about it, going on and on about it. So, here’s an adorable baby, let’s talk about that for a minute.

I cannot believe he turned seven months already. Where does the time go? I remember with my first, time seemed to slow down and just freeze and every day I was watching the clock to see when daddy was getting home. Don’t get me wrong, I love being a mom but with my first it was a little lonely.

Now? I’m lucky if I have time to peek at the clock as we’re flying from one activity to the next. Those idyllic days of holding a sleeping baby for hours while lounging on the couch are over. Poor baby Hey J sees me through a tornado of laundry and snack requests. He gets a peek a boo every now and again, which sends him into fits of giggles that no one in our house can resist.

He is actually quite a serious baby and he can stare you down. He loves people watching. I have the awkward problem of sitting in mass holding him having him stare intently at the people behind us who then whisper amongst themselves how cute he is instead of paying attention to the priest (sorry Jesus!). Pretty sure he’s going to win all the middle school staring contests. Despite all that, don’t you dare try to take that baby from mama (or sometimes daddy), because he’s not having that. He’s recently learned how to reach out and if mama is anywhere in sight- that’s where those little arms are going. He also has two teeth, is trying to crawl, and if that doesn’t work, is rolling everywhere. When he’s mad, he cries “mamamama.” It melts my heart. No dada first for this baby boy.

Now, to get down to the exciting stuff- what is that baby playing with? Those are his favorite toys from Apple Park Kids. They are also *my* favorite toys because he loves them. Plus, I love the fact that they’re a small company with a great mission (to bring safe, natural toys to babies). And, the most exciting part of this post? I’m partnering up with Apple Park to show you some of our favorite products.

But, that will come later. For now, here are the toys baby Hey J is playing with in this post: mushroom rattle, squirrel rattle (absolute favorite), and porcupine blankie (he sleeps with it). And, be sure to follow @mommyinflats and @appleparkkids on Instagram to stay up to date on the newest organic baby products.


  1. So glad I got to see these adorable toys first hand and Jude loving on them!! Glad to know Apple Park is the way to go for quality and cute baby toss! And Jude really has grown up so fast – the time does fly right by!!

    1. They do make the best gifts! I got my first for my baby shower and now I’m hooked. Sent my newest niece a bunny lovie on her arrival because I’m convinced every baby needs one!

  2. Apple Park Kids looks like they have some adorable products, can’t wait to see more! Hey J stop growing so fast! Baby model at his finest πŸ˜‰

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