Trench coat: c/o Thacker NYC; Grey Tee: old, similar; Denim Skirt: c/o Thacker NYC, same in black; Crossbody Bag: same in other colors (get it before it’s gone!! I love it); Shoes: c/o SAS Shoes

It’s raining, it’s pouring…okay actually it’s not and it really needs to if things are going to start blooming around here. With our unseasonably cold March and so far April, I’m learning that a good trench coat is not just for rainy days. In fact, I’d say this beautiful Thacker NYC piece is perfect for every darn day. I’ve now worn it with everything from pants to dresses. And, since I’m so fond of throwback fashions right now, I feel like this skirt is the perfect blend of modern style (it has pockets- yeeeees!!!) and the denim skirt my mom used to wear.

Wondering how to wear a trench coat right now? Here are some ideas.

  1. With a dress. This one is the most obvious and I did it here with my 50s style photoshoot.

  2. With pants. How do you dress up your same old jeans? With a fabulous coat of course! I paired my faux leather leggings with this rain coat here but I want to catch a picture of it over jeans soon because it’s just the perfect coat for every outfit.

  3. Over a flared skirt. There is something about a good trench laying over a perfectly flared skirt. Somehow the trench and the skirt compliment each other just right.

  4. With a pantsuit or jumpsuit. A trench is the perfect accent to a business look or even a spring jumpsuit. I have a few ideas up my sleeve for this look as well- stay tuned Instagram (and follow me while you’re at it!).

  5. With Color. I am a big fan of neutrals so you will always see me wearing mostly greys, blacks, and tans. Neutrals like denim blue and blush feature in my wardrobe often but adding a pop of color with a vibrant shirt or bright lipstick are key to keep your look interesting.

How would you wear this trench? Dressed up or down? Let me know in the comments!


By the way, I’m still loving these flats. Often when I receive an item, I need to take pictures quickly and before scuffs happen. But, I’ve worn these a dozen+ times (I have a lot of shoes;) and they still look new and are my new favorite slip ’em on and go shoes to keep by the door. Do you have a favorite? It used to be flip flops for me but thanks to SAS shoes I have other options!



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