***Before writing this post, I asked permission from my friend to share the story in honor of her dad. I felt really somber while taking the pictures but I think the smiles embody the celebration of his life.***

I’ve been pretty down and a little out lately. A friend’s dad passed away suddenly a couple weeks ago and it hit hard. Such a vivid reminder of the fleeting nature of life. I took a week off blogging (really almost two because I had the last few posts set to post ahead of time) to just be: to support my friend as much as possible, to enjoy my children, to take time out with friends and family. I spent a lot of those weeks in a state of busy. Busy catching up with good friends. Busy running around doing all the things I normally do homeschooling with four children. Just busy. 

Amidst all the busy, I made time to attend all the events that surround the celebration of a life. And, what a beautiful celebration it was. Normally, at a wake you see tears, lots of tears. Sure people visit and converse but the over all mood is somber. Not at this one. Pictures of a full life lined the walls of the room. On them, happy faces peered out underneath turkey hats, with arms around the man we had just lost. Pictures of a man in uniform, a man who had served his country not only in the army but also as a police officer and an FBI angent. More important than all those hats he wore, there was one that shone brightest: Dad. 

It makes you think. We can all do great things: like inventing the internet, competing in the olympics, or heck even becoming president. But, in the end, none of that matters. In the end, no one cares how many trophies you won, or how much money you made. No one cares what brand is on your jeans or how much you spent on your handbag. What matters is how you treated the people around you. That is what you will be remembered for. Maybe not in history books but by the people who matter the most. I hope one day when it’s my turn (not sure if that’s a depressing thought or hopeful one), I have half the send off my friend’s dad did. A room full of smiling faces, five beautiful children, and a farewell fitting for the man who did it all: officer, agent, father. 

On to the not so important stuff, my outfit. I grabbed all this from my closet. The shoes had never been worn (and to this day still haven’t as it was pouring rain and I opted to venture out in my rain boots after all) but were not purchased for any specific occasion. Normally, I don’t wear black on black on black and I’m not sure when I last wore this dress to be honest. It’s really old. I decided I would dress it up a little with the infinity scarf and some jewelry. I think every closet should contain some basic black because it’s just so easy. Dress it up with a sparkly belt, or down with some colorful leggings (if you’re young enough to pull that off- I’m pretty sure I’m not). It’s not a happy thought, but it was convenient not to have to buy anything new and still make it to the event in the appropriate attire. 

2017 is not shaping up to be the fresh new beginning I was banking on. But, I hope if nothing else, we can all take away that our personal legacy is not what we accomplish, but rather the example we leave for those who miss us. 

Dress: old, similar

Scarf: Loft

Coat: Xhileration

Shoes: Rockport

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